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katie: you can go to our website for updated information on resources available for sandy victims and steve buscemi's friends for firefighters continues to provide support to families. you can go to to see how you can help. up next they proudly served our country and now they are on a new mission. meet the veterans using their military skills to help those in need when disaster strikes. hat is right after this. >> up next -- katie: thank goodness for you guys really stepping up to the plate. >> and later the truth about all of this extreme weather. katie: welcome back. in her wake sandy left what looked like a war zone behind. who tackled this crisis more than the nation's veterans. how many know of a group called team rubicon. a lot of people. for the viewers at home i hope you never get a chance to meet them. if you do you will never forget them. it all started with an urge to help. co-founders and marine veterans knew they could do just that. they left for haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and soon realized the impact that they could have. so they sent out a ca
. due to water and fire and wind. hurricane sandy ravaged the east coast, some places scarred forever, others coming back slowly. and we'll have more on all of it in just a moment. but again this evening, it is a big problem on the part of the government that starts off our broadcast. specifically, this new health care law. beyond the colossal problems with the website well chronicled, now it is the assurances by the president that are drawing scrutiny when he told americans if you liked your health care plan, you could keep it. well, with insurance companies discontinuing some policies of some people, we finding that's no longer the case. as many deal with the potential for new higher costs. our senior investigative correspondent lisa myers broke the story for us last night and has more for washington tonight. good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. so far almost 2 million of the 14 million americans who buy individual coverage have gotten letters that their policy is canceled or has to change because of the law. still the white house insists the president did not mislead ame
health care plan. >>> hurricane sandy one year later, the families with their amazing survival stories, but are we ready for the next super storm? >>> made in america, you heard it here first, those olympic uniforms made in china. big news today about what team usa will wear this time. >>> going to extremes, the surfer trying to ride this giant wave into the record books, why dare devils push the limits, the real reason they do it. >>> good evening. diane is off tonight after a day of double trouble for the white house. scrambling to diffuse not one but two firestorms. the president accused of making false promises, even lying about obama care. that was on one side of capitol hill. on the other, new calls for a total stop to spying on friends. what did the president know? how much damage has been done and what will he do now. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl starts us off. >> reporter: under fire for allegedly spying on americans and america's friends, the nation's spy chief made no apologies. >> we do not spy on anyone except for valid foreign intelligence purposes,
and tried to get ready. hurricane sandy was on the way up, up from the caribbean, to the east coast. seeming huge and mercilessly. we have experienced a lot of hurricanes in this country, but for sheer size, sandy was without precedent. sandy was the largest single storm system to ever form in the atlantic ocean. and it was aiming for the most densely populated part of the united states. it was aiming for our nation's largest cities. and that city, rates like all the others to get ready for this gigantic storm. new york sent out evacuation orders for people living in flood zones, they built sandbag walls at office buildings. they shut down the subway system. they locked the door to grand central terminal. but for all the desperate measures to protect from the great state of new york, there was one place they needed to protect maybe most desperately of all. this is harlem. this is the end of the number three train line, one of the red ones on the map, if you visit and if you do visit, you should use that line, you can go up and see harlem. ive you zoom out and look at that station on the map,
asalto del huracÁn sandy. >>> terror y luto en michoacÁn, aumentaron los muertos. el atleta parolimpico oscar pistorius ♪ >>> un hombre sospecho de matar a tiros a su madre y tia fue capturado en un bosque despuÉs de una persecuciÓn en carretera, la policÍa dijo que desconoce los motivos que tuvo este hombre. a un aÑo del paso de la tormenta sandy, muchos de los afectados no lograron reparar sus casas, y quizÁs no lo hagan nunca, los gobiernos de nueva york y nueva jersey anunciaron un plan para comprar las propiedades daÑadas y no permitir construcciones en estos lugares. >>> llegaron hace 6 meses y no terminaron de limpiar, un recorrido por sandy muestra que no se puede hablar de una total recuperaciÓn. como sucede en esta Área de coneyisland. >>> cuando llegamos aquÍ la primera vez habÍa mucho desastre como por ejemplo basura. en el interior de algunos negocios no tienen una fecha aproximada de cuando podrÍan abrir sus puertas. luego de haber sido inundados cuando la tormenta tocÓ el litoral un dÍa como hoy. >>> el agua nos llegÓ por aquÍ, 8 o 9 de la noche cuando em
june celebrations last year, and that's down from 30 in 2009. >>> one year ago, superstorm sandy devastated parts of maryland, delaware, new york and new jersey. tonight, one year later, the hardest hit communities are still trying to recover. dozens of homes still waiting to be rebuilt and businesses still closed but there are some signs of progress along the coast. wjz is live. kai jackson has more on the recovery. >> reporter: superstorm sandy isn't in the daily headlines as it once was but many who lived through it are still dealing with the effects. a bonfire in seabright, new jersey, marks a celebration of survival for those who endured superstorm sandy last year. the anniversary of the hurricane is both poignant and painful. even a year after the storm ravaged the area, rebuilding continues. homes in breezy point, new york, were wiped out by flooding and fire. on the anniversary, volunteers planted seagrass as a buffer against future storms. >> right now, every conversation we have leads to hurricane sandy. >> reporter: stories of hope continue to emerge from the devastati
a program that could stop a terror attack. >> one year after superstorm sandy, officials say more work is needed to rebuild. the hurricane caused $55 billion in damage. >> the dow jones hit a high on wednesday, closing up. investors are expecting the federal reserve to scale back plans in relation to the bond buy-back program. "consider this" is up next. >> one year after the superstorm sandy the eastern seaboard is still recovering. after billions were pledged for the recovery why are so many people still homeless and why has so little of the money basketbalbasketballbeenspent. >> president obama's tenure has seen it's share of controversy. how is his approval rating so high is he the second teflon president. >> and hard-core fans spend countless hours into the fantasticsy football league should they be able to spend money and b bye buy shares. >> we begin with superstorm sandy. 12 months after the storm batter theebattered the northeast. many are still waiting to rebuild. al jazeera reports from a stat staton island neighborhood that turned out to be the deadliest place to be in new
's performance during sandy. do the job elected officials do, could have done more or failed the people of new jersey. we'll share the results later in the show. we'll be right back. >>> hi there. it's a big day here at msnbc. we launched our new website today, one of the tools you can make your own poll. here's one we created. it starts with a, quote, i'm concerned about the fact that there seems to be a war on the -- which cable news personality said this? if you selected mother, you would be right because it was this guy. >> i'm john casey, in tonight for bill o'reilly who's on vacation and i want to thank you for watching us. >> yes, before he was a republican governor of ohio john casey was a hoers over at fox news. so it raised quite a few eyebrows when he said, i'm concerned about the fact that there seems to be a war on the poor, that if you're poor you're somehow shiftless or crazy. just take a few seconds to remember why you know the name john casey, because he enraged working ohioans in 2011 by pushing through a restrictive collective bargaining law. he pushed ahead with his agenda
there was a crash that injured seven people. >>> one year ago super storm sandy devastated parts of maryland, delaware, new york and certainly new jersey. today some areas are still trying to recover. wjz and mike schuh are live with more on the storm's impact and that recovery. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. for most of us sandy is no longer in our head lines. for those who lost everything it still tops their personal front page. >> a bonfire in sea bright, new jersey marks a celebration of survival for those who endured d super storm sandy last year. >> a year after the storm ravaged areas of new jersey and new york rebuilding continues. flooding and fire wiped out homes also. >> right now every conversation we have leads to hurricane sandy. i look forward to the day when we move beyond that. >> stories of hope continue to emerge. in rock away, new york the home of rosa vasquez looked like this january. the house has been rebuilt with numerous donated items. >> it's overwhelming when you don't have your own place to go to. to finally have your own home and be able to come h
is over. ♪ ♪ >> one year after the superstorm sandy the eastern seaboard is still recovering. after billions were pledged for the recovery why are so many people still homeless and why has so little of the money basketbalbasketballbeenspent. >> president obama's tenure has seen it's share of controversy. how is his approval rating so high is he the second teflon president. >> and hard-core fans spend countless hours into the fantasticsy football league should they be able to spend money and b bye buy shares. >> we begin with superstorm sandy. 12 months after the storm batter theebattered the northeast. many are still waiting to rebuild. al jazeera reports from a stat staton island neighborhood that turned out to be the deadliest place to be in new york. in 2012. one year later recovery seems unlikely if not impossible. some chose to spend the day in somber reflection. >> terrible. i wouldn't want to live here anymore. anyone that dog does are frightened. >> she drew u drew up here grewt her summers on the beach. >> many home tha hope that the t will buy people out. this was one of t
is it taking years? >> epic sandy. they called it the monster storm. one of the biggest and baddest ever to hit the northeast. we're taking sandy by the numbers to see how it all adds ♪ [ man ] adventure, it means taking chances. it means trying something new. [ woman ] just, that uncertainty of what's to come. [ man ] just kidding. ♪ can you please stop doing that? ♪ [ woman ] you walk outside in brooklyn, and it's cement and broken glass. and this is just like... the opposite of that. ♪ >>> good evening. world leaders are up in arms over america's secret information gathering, but not just the government collecting data. we are living in the days of do it yourself sleuth. suspicious of your spouse? worried about your kids? there is an app for that. abc's juju chang dives into a world where secrets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. >> reporter: whether snooping on your neighbors as posted on youtube, keeping tabs on your sitter or just trying to bust your two-timing spouse it seems nearly everyone is spying on someone. the right to privacy may be a bed rock principle in our cou
think of chris christie's performance during sandy. do the job elected officials do, could have done more or failed the people of new jersey. we'll share the results later in the show. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] we took new febreze free with no perfume to prove the skeptics wrong. hi. are you karen? [ karen ] yes, i am you said in a focus group, "they just mask the smell." i'm going to ask you to find the smelliest item in your home. here. okay. [ laughs ] very, very strong dog odor. this is febreze free. it has no perfume. wow. now it smells clean, and it doesn't have an odor. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] odor elimination without masking. the proof is in every bottle of febreze fabric refresher. breathe happy. >>> hi, there. it's a big day here at msnbc. we launched our new website today, one of the tools you can make your own poll. here's one we created. it starts with a, quote, i'm concerned about the fact that there seems to be a war on the -- which cable news personality said this? if you selected mother, you would be right because it was this guy. >> i'm john
año desde que la tormenta sandy azotó la costa del país, vamos a ver los detalles de el efecto de esta tormenta. >> hace un año, un muchacho se acercó desesperado, mientras reportábamos en una de las costas de nueva jersey. >> tengo una pareja en la casa con una niña. >> reportero: lo que pasó después, fue un recorrido entre las calles del vecindario, buscando la zona más alta fuera de su casa, mientras que nos azotaba el huracán, los llevamos a su destino y no supimos qué pasó después. a un año del huracán quisimos conocerlos más de cerca. erika fue la persona que llevamos. nos explicó, cuando sandy tocó puerto con 70 miércoles lasas-mi trabajar como de costumbre y ya en la tarde el huracán tocaba la puerta. >> fue muy fuerte, más de lo que esperábamos, me empezó a dar miedo. >> reportero: minutos después, recogió ropa, y decidió evacuar, demasiado tarde. >> salimos aquí a la caudra, pero ya el agua estaba ahí. >> reportero: un amigo que vivía cerca, nos encontró a unas cuadras, y nosotros lo encontramos y hicimos un reportaje que hasta hoy Érika nunca hab
of sandy reclaim some of their precious belongings >> the ambitious project completed in turkey to expect two continents under water. -- to connect two continents under water. >> no apologies, no excuses from the top spy chiefs. the head of the national intelligence told house intelligence committee that phone taps on foreign citizens are not true. the nsa would rather take the beating in the media than give up a program protecting americans from terrorists. >> top chiefs say the agency did nothing illegal, and part of the problem is leaked documents. they reveal rare details of america's surveillance techniques. >> vigorously defending the job agencies do to keep america and allies safe. >> there's not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that is not by luck. they didn't stop hating us they didn't say that they were going just forgive this. they continued to try. >> the work of the national security agency is under fire because of revelations by former nsa analyst edward snowden. documents he leaked revealed the nsa has been collecting phone calls and text mess inls of millions o
that cooperation? i don't. >> i like that guy out of his chair. >>> plus it's been a year since hurricane sandy hit the northeast and aid still isn't getting to many of those who desperately need it. >>> and let me finish tonight with the voters' want for politicians to work together. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> well, if republicans don't win control of this senate next year, they may be left out of power for awhile. in 2014 senators up for re-election include democrats who came to power when barack obama was elected president back in 2008. democrats are defending 21 seats versus 14 seats for republicans. but in 2016, it's republican senators who will be playing defense. they'll be defending the seat gain they won in 2010. seven from states obama won. look at all the red on that map. tackling the fact it's a presidential election year turnout will be higher than it normally is. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to "hardball." the republican's party internal war continues to rage. the newest editors at the conservative national review called out bomb throwers on the right lik
all of these guys slapping each other on the back for a job well done with superstorm sandy? one year later. thousands still helpless and many clueless. and now many think we are containing the calamity that the containment might have triggered it. meet the guy who's suing the power company that that destroyed his home. and superstorm sandy rocketed the numbers of chris christie. republican senator olympia snowe says that it a reminder what all parties should be doing at all times. and food stamps. one in three americans are getting some kind of food assistance. and get a load of of how some states are whacking back. all of that losing its roster and that does not mean 250,000-dollar home theaters to the new rich people in china. boy, those guys learn capitalism and fat. on the show that is all about capitalism, it starts right now. ♪ ♪ neil: we are discovering how bad it is getting. anywhere from 40 to 60 million americans. firefighters and other engineers are literally climbing 74 floors to get inside. >> federal offices will be closed again. the nations office closed again. the
, not the ref, got kicked out of the gate. >>> when we return, rising from superstorm sandy. residents in one hard-hit area mark the one-year anniversary as their beach community returns from the ruins. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. ♪ this week at kmart, get 50% off costumes. and, shop your way members get an additional 10% back in points. plus, fun size candy is 2 for $5. kmart. get in. get more halloween. or giving the dog a workout, find your balance™. every delicious balance bar® has 40-30-30 balanced nutrition to give you energy that lasts. balance bar®... have you found your balance™? [ dog barks ] kevin deleon kevin deleoforecas the country. kevin deleoforecas washington, d.c., cloudy today, 67 the high. atlanta, sunshine. and cloudy in st. louis. cloudy also in denver today. seattle, some sun with a high of 54. >>> a dust storm in arizona caused a huge pileup, killing three people and injuring at least 12 others. police say 19 vehicles were invol
sandy with a state- wide prayer service in newark. exactly one year ago, superstorm sandy barreled into the northeast causing $60 billion in damage. the second most costly in history. many coastal towns in new york and new jersey will be holding candle light vigils tonight. >>> well, halloween all about ghosts and goblins, but it is the economy that's spooking people this year. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains why spending is down and what it's going to mean for the holiday. >> wear wolves, sexy pirates, there are plenty of costumes to choose from. there just aren't as many customers in line as there were this time last year. >> come back see us again. happy halloween. >> michael ellis say missof the customers they do have are spending less recycling old costumes. >> this year we have let more people than last year. people looking for a wig or particular makeup. redoing the costumes they had last year so delay need accessories to make it new. >> the national retail federation estimates americans will spend about a billion dollars less that year. >> consumers are not in a
>> reporter: october 29th, 2012, super storm sandy makes its final turn slamming into the southern tip of new jersey packing wind gusts of nearly 90 miles an hour. roars up the new jersey coast damaging 72,000 homes and businesses washing away up to 40 feet of beach line as it moves. in new york severe flooding ignites electrical fires, destroying 120 homes. the storm surge in new york harbor measured at 14 feet, shatters record. streets. tunnels and subway system in lower manhattan disappear beneath the frigid wall of walter. up to 250,000 cars are destroyed. a seven block area of midtown manhattan evacuates as a crane is 90 stories up. 2 million households plunge into darkness. it is not until the following morning that the scope of sandy's destruction becomes tragically clear. second only to hurricane katrina, sandy is one of the most expensive storms in u.s. history and one of its most deadly. the power does return and the rebuilding begins. televised relief efforts. star-studded concerts, raised $90 million for victims. in january of this year the senate passes and president o
alumnarÁn en una vigilia para recordar a vÍctimas de la sÚper tormenta sandy que azotÓ la zona hace exactamente un aÑo, es una forma de demostrar que la luz triunfÓ sobre tinieblas como nos dice fernanda c desde new jersey. muchas familias siguen esperando aunque sea un rayito de luz. >> ahÍ fui que el agua estaba mÁs alta hacia la ventana. >> decÍa que se sentia como si estuviera dentro de una pecera. >> y aquÍ donde yo miraba todo. >> a un aÑo de sandy, hoy recurre su hogar un lugar sagrado viene a celebrar el aniversario pero de un milagro. >> yo pensÉ que ya (sollozos) ahÍ nos quedÁbamos y nos Íbamos a venir todos abajo, pero entre todos nos dÁbamos las fuerzas y recibamos. >> comparte la historia con mÁs de 200 familias hispanas que lo perdieron todo tan solo en su Área acuerdo al centro nacional de huracanes sandy strufdestruÓ mil hogares, para miles de familia el proceso de recuperaciÓn ha sido una constante batalla con quiÉnes deberÍa protegerlos, las aseguradoras y la ayuda del gobierno. >> muchos que tenÍan dinero para arreglar las casas que arreglaron l
: and one year after superstorm sandy, what american cities can learn from the netherlands, as they prepare for the next big storm. >> test test test for newshour. testing testing. >> you are quite surprised to see a city like new york, so many people expose and no levees and no protection at all, that was astonishing to me. >> ifill: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> united healthcare-- online at >> the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: members of congress took fresh aim at the new health care law today. the house ways and means committee called in the head of the centers for medicare a
, including at least six big rigs. >> the bond created by hurricane sandy was evident. as people gathered by the thousands. the ceremony dubbed light of hope was held in new jersey with everyone raising lights in the sky. they shared words and songs of encouragement. they promised to stay strong as they struggle to rebuild. >>> some tiny sandy survivors had good reason to celebrate yesterday. a special birthday party held at the nyu medical center for the newborns who were forced to evacuate the hospital when the backup generators failed. those babies carried out by nurses during the storm just turned 1. the moms that gave birth that night talked about what happened when the power went out. >> i was asked can you walk? and i said yes. i didn't realize the question was can you walk down 13 flights of stairs. >> most of the infants slept through the ordeal. i take back everything i said about it being rough on me. >> exactly. imagine being a mom that just had a baby and asked to walk down 13 flights of stairs. >> probably dark stairs. >> oh, absolutely. the frightening thing was not only di
under obamacare z a special report on a one-year anniversary of super storm sandy. why one town is having to force people into making repairs. and how an app can turn you into an online carp yoonist. >> thank you. see you then. >> britney spears music has seen criticism over the years but nothing like this. >> several hit songs being used to scare off somali pirates. >> that is the what sends pirates race waying the british navy prefers to use songs instead of guns. >> naf yat security says they thought pirates would hate it the most. it may be working. tacks are down so far this year. not when she wants to hear >> nochlt that is going to do it for us. thanks for watching. >>> welcome to "world news." tonight under fire, the white house fighting on two fronts, new calls to totally change the way america spies. and did president obama break a key promise to all americans about his health care plan. >>> hurricane sandy one year later, the families with their amazing survival stories, but are we ready for the next super storm? >>> made in america, you heard it here first, those oly
to defend the affordable care act in a congressional hearing. >> one year later superstorm sandy is remembered. it was one of the most destructive and costly disasters to hit the united states. >> the ongoing war in syria - children diagnosed with polio because they don't have access to adequate health care and critical vaccinations. [ ♪ theme ] >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. no apology nor excuses from the nation's top spy chief. the head of the national security agency denied reports of phone tapping of foreign citizens and told house members the nsa would rather take a beating in the media than give up a program that protects americans from terrorists. >> the national security agency says chiefs did not illegally tapped. they revealed rare details of america's intelligence gathering techniques. >> confident and almost defiant top spy chiefs made no apologies before the house intelligence committee. they defended the job the agencies do to keep america and her allies safe. >> there's not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck. they didn't s
year since hurricane sandy hit the east coast. the super storm was one of the most damaging and most expensive to ever hit the u.s. businesses were decimated. many still have not reopened. merchants in one neighborhood hosted a block party to spur revival in the area. one of the businesses that has reopened, and she joins me now. diana. thank you for being with us. congratulations on being open. how long were you closed for? >> well, first of all i want to say happy birthday and thank you for having me on your show. >> that's a good birthday gift for me. >> thank you very much. we were closed for about three months. >> tell me what happened. >> as i understand it, your place had been renovated six months before the hurricane hit? >> yes, six months before the hurricane hit we had done a total renovation were top to bottom, brand new equipment, brand new everything. the storm hit and wiped everything out. >> what kind of damage did it do? i understand that you had a lot of water in there? >> a lot of damage doesn't begin to explain it. we had a 12-foot tidal wave over the top of the b
year ago as we pushed into halloween it was all about sandy, the snow still coming down in garrett county and tremendous water born damage. all that coming to an end as we look back a year ago, interesting loop there on sandy. as we look ahead we see rain coming in late halloween night into the day on friday. on and off rain could linger. we'll get another surge out of the south. tonight 48, mostly cloudy with a light southeast wind tomorrow. 712 balmy degrees. the chance for rain late tomorrow night into your friday. as we look ahead to the weekend, i see the chance for a couple showers on saturday. doesn't ok like much and temperatures beginning to cool off saturday and continuing to cool off sunday as we fall back, we find only 50s. a couple mild days for halloween and it goes back the other way. >> never know this time of the year. >> never know. >> but he does. >> we've had some wild halloweens the past couple of years. nice to see a calm one. >> you'll be putting the fin knishing touches on your kid's halloween costumes. >> we have some tips for keeping your little superheros
, tú sabes que ayer se cumplió unn año de la tormenta sandy que nos azotó hace un año, y nueva york y nueva jersey fue uno de los lugares más afectados. y hoy tenemos entrevista con una organización del medio ambiente. >> también tenemos talento en nuestra área, hoy vamos a presentar un duo de bachata, no se lo pueden perder, esto más adelante. >> así es, entrevistas y mucho más, y estos son los titulares. comenzamos. >> la policía busca a un sujeto que violó a dos mujeres ayer en la tarde en el condado cle prince george. -roban varios bancos, se presume que el sospechoso está armado. >> faltan pocos días para las elección de virginia y los comienzan la carrera, entérese quién será el ganador. y para el fin de semana, esperamos cielos nublados lloviznas. >> y comenzamos con información policial, dos mujeres fueron asaltadas sexualmente, cerca de la una de la tarde la primer víctim estaba en la calle, cuando un hombre se le acercó con un arma y la llevó a un bosque y la asaltó sexualmente. otra víctima más tarde en la misma situación, y agentes de la patrulla est
of superstorm sandy which flooded the east coast and left 150 nine people dead. people lined up along the new jersey coastline holding flashlights to light up the sky. on staten island, hundreds of people gathered at a beachside park to mark the time the storm made landfall. city isoomberg said the being rebuilt to better handle future storms. >> if another storm ever approaches our shores, it will be a far different city than from the one saint he left behind. a city much more able to withstand the kind of surging seawater's and punishing winds that sandy brought. we are building new york city stronger and smarter so we will be resilient to a broad range of extreme weather events in the future, including big coastal storms. >> thousands of people remain homeless from sandy one year after the storm. you can go to for our full coverage on sandy's one-year anniversary from tuesday's broadcast as well as one year ago. and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. legaln to texas where a battle is being w
hurricane sandy torched a neighborhood. >> it's a disgrace that we waited this long. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cb this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the head of the agency that oversees the government's health insurance web site appeared before congress today. marilyn tavenner, the administrator of the centers for medicare and medicaid services apologized for all of the problems with the site. she placed the blame on tardy contractors. that did not satisfy members of the house committee who were frustrated when tavenner would not answer some of the key questions. nancy cordes on capitol hill for us tonight. nancy. >> reporter: scott, the main thing members wanted to know was how many americans have managed to navigate this system and actually sign up for insurance. they asked her dozens of times, but she wouldn't answer. >> i want to apologize to you that the web site has not worked as well as it should. >> reporter: marilyn tavenner insisted today the obamacare web web site's poor performance had nothing to do with her unw
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29th, the day that sandy made landfall. >>> rebuilding is taking place very slowly in some is of the areas hardest hit by san dichlt amy robach visited breezy point where hundreds of homes went up in flames. >> reporter: before the storm hit mary from breezy point was getting ready to hunker down. >> sticking it out. >> reporter: like many, she was preparing for a big storm. >> are you going to come see puddles with us? >> reporter: at first, rain and flooding. >> 6:55 and the power just went out. we are officially screwed. >> reporter: then mary's sister joanne spotted a bright light in the distance. the unimaginable. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a massive fire began to spread. >> i'm really anxious. >> reporter: firefighters braved waters knee deep, saving every single life in the town. in the end, 135 homes burned to the ground. another 220 destroyed. >> we don't know where they are going to take us. we don't know -- don't know. >> reporter: what do you miss the most about what life was like. >> walking around here you would see someone you knew and go to take a half hour
el primer aniversario del ademÁs te del huracÁn sandy, son muchos damnificados que continÚan por recuperar lo que llevÓ la tormenta, nos cuenta cÓmo ha transcurrido su vida un aÑo despuÉs. >> ella nos mandÓ esta mesa. >> cuenta la familia valdÉs que sus sentimiento de gratitud es hoy mÁs fuerte que nunca. >> tenemos que volver de cero a nada y aquÍ estamos dÁndole. >> en esta ocasiÓn hablamos en la cocina de su casa, un escenario totalmente distinto al de hace un aÑo atrÁs cuando conocÍ a juan carlos, un nancy y sus tres hijos. >> en aquel entonces la familia de origen mexicano se encontraba viviendo en un albergue me mostraron lo que habÍa quedado de lo que alguna vez fue su hogar, era un panorama desolador mostraba como en un abrir y cerrar de ojos el agua acabÓ con esfuerzos y recuerdos. >> sabes llegas aquÍ como migrante, te cuesta trabajo terminar las cosas que tÚ tienes y te quedas asÍ en la calle, como que dices wow!. >> sin embargo, valdÉs tenÍan mucho que agradecer, ellos vivieron para kont a) la tragedia que desatÓ la llamada sÚper tormenta en el
year anniversary of hurricane sandy. they lit candles and sang songs in union beach, new jersey. remembering when sandy crashed ashore last year. the region wasn't prepared for a storm of that magnitude. sandy was blamed for more than 180 deaths in the u- s.including 68 in new york and 71 in new jersey. the storm caused an estimated 65-billion-dollars in damages. coastal residents in the northeast are marking a somber milestone. the one year anniversary of hurricane sandy. >>james:many state courts have failed to report the mentally ill to state justice officials, undermining efforts to take guns away from potentially dangerous owners. the audit found that many courts were not aware of the reporting requirements. the courts collectively failed to report at least 2,300 mental health determinations over a three-year period. other courts reported only some of the required information. some took up to seven days to report. auditors say state law should be changed to require reporting within 24 hours. and the state could gain tens of millions of dollars annually in federal reimbursem
. >>> the bond created by hurricane sandy was evident, across new york and new jersey, as people gathered by the thousands to mark the anniversary of that storm. a ceremony dubbed lights of hope was held in union beach, new jersey, with everyone raising lights into the night sky. they shared songs and words of encouragement and painful memories of the storm. >> you can't even -- it's like a movie. where people say, like, you never thought that would happen. >> we've been through a disaster that nobody could ever imagine. and you know, everybody here is trying to do their best to recover and rebuild. >> that rebuilding is going slower than expected. the department of housing and urban development says only about 11% of sandy aid money has been distributed. >>> a blinding dust storm being blamed for a deadly pileup in southern arizona. three people killed, dozens of others injured, in a string of chain-reaction crashes that caused cars and overturned tractor-trailers on interstate 10. about 20 vehicles were involved in this cash, including at least 6 big rigs. >>> it will be windy again tod
. they are continuing to investigate the events that lead up to the shooting. >>> one year ago super storm sandy left behind $65 million in damage. >> ellis island reopened. they were putting roofs on family's homes. there is still a lot of work ahead. only 11% of federal money has been released. communities were declaring victory over sandy. >> amazing how fast they are working. >> the red cross says they were honored all across the area. >>> could dry sunny days be coming? >> the answer is dry conditions are ahead but you have an 8 hour drive due west and you have some showers. we may start on a west note. ill chilly. 56 in the city. 56 in annapolis. believe it or not we will be milder. 50 in the city. a cold night and cloudy. we will talk more at 11:17. >>> you will see pockets of parents in different colors in the audience representing their communities. they want to add seats to the elementary. that could be a shift on where you send your student to school in the future. >> is the plan complete or are we participating to get to a good plan? >> he doesn't know where he will send his son to school
. >> thank you. >>> one year after superstorm sandy. many maryland communities are trying to rebuild. here is mike schuh. >> good morning. don and every one. superstorm sandy continues to affect people on the east coast. maryland received $73 million from the feds another $19 million is on its way. this is the brunt here. and new jersey and new york hardest hit, some celebrated the passing of a year with a bond fire. more rebuilding has to be done. and overwhelming local governments cannot keep up with the inspection and permitting. don back to you. >> thank you. >>> coming up next -- the busiest place in your house is the one you want to be the cleanest. but using bleach leaves some stains behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't and it also disinfects. that's healthing. >>> good morning, gayle, good morning, charlie, good morning, everyone. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." under the new health care law, millions of americans will pay more for insurance. jill schl
of super storm sandy are moving on exactly 12 months later. these are the images millions may never forget. sandy was the largest storm ever to build in the atlantic and the storm is blamed for about $65,000,000,000 in damages. one year later, many storm victims are complaining about the slow federal relief process and many others are still fighting over insurance claims. >>> union beach was one of the hardest-hit areas off of the jersey shore and many residents in the small community found their businesses completely washed away. one of those business owners is gg laguna dor who lost her entire restaurant last year. gigi, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> one year later, where are you now? >> we are in a small endless cycle of trying to figure out how to get back to business. we are -- we have been in one year of delay, denial and unpaid insurance claims. and we are fighting hard just to try to get back to our normal. >> you are in the middle of your restaurant. from all appearances, it would look like you are back to business. you are back to normal. and, you know,
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